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I began my IT journey in 2010 by running my own call center. However, due to a negative experience in that business, I decided to quit and join a larger national-level call center to further enhance my skills. It was during my time there that I developed a deep interest in the IT field, eventually transitioning to the IT department.

In 2013, I moved to Canada, which provided me with new opportunities to expand my skill set. I took up Microsoft certifications to strengthen my expertise, completing a total of 15 certifications, including cloud and MCSA. Concurrently, I also delved into the realms of digital marketing and e-commerce, exploring these areas in-depth.

With each additional certification, I found success in running my own web development and digital marketing businesses. These ventures allowed me to offer comprehensive support to my clients across various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other useful channels.

Leveraging my Microsoft certifications, I extended my services to provide small business IT support, catering to organizations ranging from tier 2 to tier 3. By managing their IT needs, we enable these businesses to focus on their core operations without any hassle.


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Project DAWIN


We embarked on a project that involved the automation of video and AI-based interviews, offering the benefits of time-saving and improved resource availability. The integration of an automated interview system streamlined the entire process, and our efforts focused on nurturing a lead to maturity while efficiently collecting all the necessary documents.

Project Amazon


We have successfully launched multiple stores on Amazon, utilizing a private label branding strategy to establish our unique identity. Furthermore, we expanded our operations into the pallet industry and embraced drop shipping through prominent platforms like Amazon and Shopify. Our primary focus is to empower local entrepreneurs by offering them comprehensive support and guidance in setting up their own online stores, ultimately enabling them to thrive in the competitive online business landscape.

Project It support


In this project, we established a small company dedicated to providing IT support for small offices. Since 2013, we have been delivering a comprehensive range of services to cater to their IT infrastructure and digital requirements. Our expertise extends to managing their social media marketing, implementing cloud-based network solutions, and resolving daily IT issues efficiently. We are committed to ensuring that our clients have a smooth and reliable digital ecosystem to support their business operations.






Phonexsolution is an IT consulting company providing comprehensive support from servers to client end, with expertise in Office365.


Phone-x-eCommerce provides tailored eCommerce solutions based on market analysis, specializes in booking and reservation systems for food chains and expert in Amazon store


Phone-x-Digital specializes in crafting social media campaigns, providing advertising and lead generation services for clients.

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Umair Shirazi

Founder & CEO